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CIPEM – Centre for Research in Music Psychology and Music Education – was created, in September 1998, by the Music Department of the School of Education of the Porto Polytechnic Institute.

Within the scope of the accreditation and evaluation process carried out by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), of R&D centres in 2013, CIPEM was integrated into the Institute of Ethnomusicology – studies in music and dance (INET- md) constituting itself as a branch in the Porto Polytechnic (PPorto). This centre created a multidisciplinary research group called ‘Education and Music in the Community’.

CIPEM / INET-md is a structure oriented, mainly, towards the promotion of research in Psychology of Music, Music Education and Music in the Community, having as main areas of interest:

  • Provision of a resource centre that allows the dissemination and sharing of research in the areas of Psychology of Music, Music Education and Music in the Community at national and international level;
  • Edition of ‘Revista Música, Psicologia e Educação’ as a way of disseminating its research projects, carried out at the national and / or international levels, in the scope of Music, Psychology and Education;
  • Construction and development of research projects in Music, Psychology and Education as a scientific and pedagogical added value for the School of Education and, in particular, for its Music Department;
  • Participation in national and international conferences and journals in the field, for public presentation and dissemination of the research projects developed by the members of CIPEM/INET-md;
  • Participation in the strategic planning of music research in Portugal, involving Portuguese students and researchers, in collaboration with the different political and financial agents;
  • Creation and updating of a database for musical research, namely, a library composed of books and journals in its field of interest;
  • Provision of other resources for scientific research, namely software for processing quantitative and qualitative data;
  • Promotion of courses on research methods and techniques for all those interested in this field;
  • Organization of seminars and conferences with the participation of national and international experts in the aforementioned areas of interest, and other events considered relevant for the promotion and development of continuous teacher training.

CIPEM/INET-md offers the following services to the general public:

  • Bibliographic resource centre in Music, Psychology and Education, as a privileged space for consultation and exchange of information – the material is available for consultation and partial copy to the general public. The loan service is only available for students of the ESE-PPorto and members of research teams in projects led by CIPEM/INET-md researchers;
  • Expertise – possibility of support / consultancy by the elements of CIPEM/INET-md, when requested, for activities within the scope of its scientific activity.

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